Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tv-Out Problem for Samsung Wave II S8530

I have a situation with the WaveII TV-Out and I felt a distinct desire to see in case you possess this situation?With special yield links I attempted, but none did tackle my situation.I asked a few others having the same situation and none of it would be able to not intention the situation.In the event that anybody knows anything please help me


Anonymous said...

I found with the analysis that the film out of S8530 is converse of what the standard 3.5mm TV-out links gives. The standard 3.5mm TV-Out link has an additional befuddle to the S8530, that is the regular negative on every last trace of the RC binds, so when I attempted to join the Audio part of the link in the TV, the motion picture again vanished, so I had to cut the negative bind from the remaining a few RC binds (the red and white ones utilized for sound). Upon reinserting the sound binds in the TV, both the Video and Audio were immaculate.

I am Android said...

Following successful examination, I re-designed the CA-75U link consequently, i.e. exchanging the extremity of motion picture out link and cutting the negative link from the sound binds.