Monday, 19 September 2011

Determining the revision of Samsung Focus other than the battery method ?

Actually purchased a Samsung Focus utilized, but SIM/Carrier unlocked, Update-7390. The past holder said about supplanting the electric cell for the Phone.
Is there any viable strategy to certify if the telephone is rev 1.3 or rev 1.4 ?
I've perused on the site that the minimization just finishes up rev 1.3.
Much obliged !

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Anonymous said...

From the codes, I was able to find out.
In Diagnosis (##634# in Dialer), enter *#32489#
press Back button on the screen 4 times (lower right)
until you see:
1. debug screen
2. version information
here, type 2 (version information)
after, select 2 (HW VERSION)
after, select 1 (READ HW VERSION)

Mine is "REV1.3"

btw, sw version: i917RUXJL2