Friday, 9 September 2011

Set default android Application

Once you go to open a link or RSS feed and there are some special applications to select from when opening. Along through a pop-up window asking you to decide which application to use for an exact file type, present is a checkbox to permit you to locate it as the default. One time place as the default, that exact file type won’t live have fun in some extra application. But if you downloaded a latest application able of analysis RSS Feeds, you will require modifying the Default application, if not clicking a feed resolve go on to open the earlier chosen application.


Anonymous said...

What is next step for do that tell naaaa

I am Android said...

Go step by step: Select setting button on the home screen menu,go down and select applications,click on manager application from list, You can see application page, for example you HTC sense becoz default on htc cell.