Friday, 30 September 2011

KMS is not working on my blackberry 9900

Hi friends, I have one problem with my blackberry 9900 where I am trying to install the KMS. I am start installing KMS that time it show me progress bar means installation is going on but after same time this bar goes disappear and it ask me for restart your phone that time I am thinking that KMS is install perfectly but after restart I cannot find KMS. What the hall is this .When I am having blackberry 9780. KMS works correct and perfectly. I can’t understand this problem. Please anybody have any idea for this


I am Android said...

i have idea of why KMS not working on blackberry 9900 and working on blackberry 9780. Are know that 9780 is having operating system 6 9900 is having operating system 7 this is problem my friends. KMS is have limitation version therefor it is work on 9780 and not work on 9900. i think same month after KMS lunch new version for 9900 wait for this

Anonymous said...

thanxx i know that what is actually problem