Monday, 19 September 2011

Rogers Samsung Focus on Fido?

I'm examining picking up the Samsung Focus to reinstate my HD7 but I'm confounded with reference to if the telephone will deal with Fido without needing to unlock it?I hold an O2 form of the HD7 but totally need a 3G Windows Phone and in a perfect world could love to have MMS functioning besides. I know by unlocking the telephone i'll lose the method through and through until we would be able to decipher how to enter the settings in the telephone manually.In the event that anyone can fill me in if the Samsung Focus will work impeccably on Fido without needing to unlock or not that could be terrific!


Paul S said...
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Paul S said...

SMS and MMS will not work. All other functionality seems fine. I own the Rogers Samsung Focus and use it on FIDO so I did not need to unlock.

If you have a differnt phone other than Rogers brand, then you'll need to unlock.

Anonymous said...

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