Friday, 30 September 2011

KMS is not working on my blackberry 9900

Hi friends, I have one problem with my blackberry 9900 where I am trying to install the KMS. I am start installing KMS that time it show me progress bar means installation is going on but after same time this bar goes disappear and it ask me for restart your phone that time I am thinking that KMS is install perfectly but after restart I cannot find KMS. What the hall is this .When I am having blackberry 9780. KMS works correct and perfectly. I can’t understand this problem. Please anybody have any idea for this

kespersky internet security for Windows Phone 7

is it kespersky internet security available for windows cell phone because i heard that it is good antivirus like qickheal. i want to use in my cell phone but i don't found kespersky internet security for my cell.

I have kespersky internet security 2011 means KIS 2011 in my laptop but 2 days ago my laptop infected by Torjon or virus through internet or pendrive that I don’t know how this virus come in my laptop but when my internet can disconnect automatically and my laptop start slow in working that time I see that my laptop is affected by virus and after that I am applying scanning through KIS and KIS scan takes 7 hours for scan to my whole 250 gb hard disk and it is show me virus name that “” but automatically my scan is fail. Today I am do same scan 7 hours and fail. Please tell me the solution for this virus problem??     

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bricked my Xperia Arc

Yesterday I did one dupe thing with my arc xperia but my intension is to do same interesting and good change in my arc. My xperia arc in I did unlocked boot loader and find the rooted 2.3.2. After that my cell automatically find this OTA firmware update and my bed luck, I choose to download update, then completing download and phone rebooted and installing download new firmware. This is end of my phone after that nothing is happen. My phone cannot turn it on. What is hall is done. I don’t know but I what to solution for this..

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Error Code: 0X8007064e

Once upgrading to Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0.657.0. After my laptop opening boots up and leave into windows I see an Error Code:  oX8007064e and the message look like error has happen in the Program.  Attempt to release it again.  If these troubles go on, you'll require reinstalling Microsoft Security Essentials from the Microsoft Download Center. This ensues each time I start my computer.  I uninstalled MSE and reinstall Microsoft Security Essentials two times and I still get the similar errors Microsoft Security Essentials does release and appear to be performance properly.  I only get the error at Boot-up.