Thursday, 8 September 2011

HTC ChaCha replacing digitizer.

Hello i unequivocally purchase a htc status (chacha) just out of the plastic new for $270, but digitizer has dead zones, i could not venture to utilize the back soft key and some parts of the screen. My absolutely great situation, I'm from Ecuador here theres not tech underpin for htc, i call htc and just answer was to send the telephone to USA (my warranty is valid thru oct. 2012), but i even now pay for the unlock code and the importing expenses (essentially $80), so send it back to USA and carry it back again to Ecuador will be around $130 more in any event. So this telephone will price me around $480! My just explanation is to swap the digitizer without anyone else's input, i attempt to inquiry some dismantling movie but i could not venture to recognize any. Any individual has dissect this model of htc? plz I'm frantic. Trust some inference or provided that you hold some utility manual will relish.

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Anonymous said...

I perceive your situation and realise you ought to do something yourself-on the other hand I have been repairing screens all my existence and HTC are the hardest. The HTC CHACHA is a sensitive telephone-yes you are able to displace the digitizer but this is an extended and troublesome way you are taking.The best equipped way I could propose is check if Ecuador has any versatile repair shops and get them to do it (but go in individual-no presenting). Since you could not venture to recognize one that can alter within your reach-SENDING TO THE U.S.A IS THE ONLY WAY (UNLESS YOU ASK HTC IF YOU CAN SEND IT TO A CLOSER SUPPORTED COUNTRY).Since you are to try it yourself anticipate no excercises for a different five months or something like that and even then its too risky.