Saturday, 29 October 2011

how to enable init.d support

I am applying the stock 2.3.4 from excitement website and this is through far-off the finest in view of top wifi vital. My query is known how to we enable init.d hold otherwise we require a particular core for that? I attempt a tut. From blimp but unsuccessful sadly... some thought friends???

Video call over 3g in Huawei Ideos X6

Can we do video call over 3g through Huawei Ideos X6. It is possible in Huawei Ideos X6 like nokia phone.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Multiple phones with the same account on IOS5

Accordingly here's the treaty. I have an Iphone4, the sister has an Iphone4.
We mutually noticeably have extremely different messages, and mailboxes.
Still, we mutually share the similar iTunes account, and the similar tune is synchronize to both phones.
So while the I Cloud comes out, how will we have our individual divide, personal cloud for picture, messages? But motionless share the similar music? I wish for to be clever to purchase a song in ITunes, and have it synchronize automatically to both my phone and my sister. But clearly, messages etc can’t be synchronize.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Calendar Events in Notification Center Bug?

I have 2 swap accounts set up. One is my job email and calendar, the extra is Gmail email/calendar. My Gmail calendar really has quite a few calendars in it. The majority of which I stay unseen. However, the calendar division in the notification all the time illustrates events from every calendar. There doesn't appear to be every manner to select which calendar's dealings illustrate up there. I would guess the Notification Center to simply illustrate future events from the checked calendars in the calendar application. I would a big shot be keen to take this as a bug?

iPhone4S+4G WiMAX still possible? DO READ

AT&T's 3G net is now as quick as the 4G fight, race,etc. 3G net is future slower than AT&T. Once 2010 strike AT&T raise their 3G net where download rate twice measure up to to 2009. 4G net is not 4G up till now, it is a advertising technique because it echo superior. I have observed autonomous corporation examination a 4g Evo vs. an iphone 4 on AT&T by rate examination. And the iPhone slay them. The iphone4 isn't clever to get a right 4g net. Hurry will probably promote a bogus 4G. A high-quality broadband Internet connection now a day is 3.50 Mpbs otherwise so perhaps up to 5. Trust this aid

Does SIRI require a constant internet connection?

I realize if I request it to seem for somewhat online, it would require internet connection. What if I now say to it to play a MP3 otherwise a video by now on my iPhone? Do I require being on wifi for SIRI to now perform that? I don't desire it to consume gone at my data restrict if it doesn't require to….

iPhone 4S Worse Standby and Heavier

Apple’s site shows the judgment that iPhone 4S charge at 00 hour standby compare with iPhone 4 and also comparing the weight of phones as iPhone 4s having 140g and iPhone 4 having 137g. What we decide from this A5 weight is more therefore it is required more power??