Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Installing MegaStat on iMac

I am attempting to establish the Megastat include-on onto Excel for iMac users. The establishment method tries not to begin up pronto as it ought to, can I introduce this include-on system on my iMac? I require this for a Stats class I'm in as of this moment! HELP!!!!

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I am Android said...

Forasmuch as Megastat is a business unite-in, and I don't have a duplicate, I cannot tell you if it will work or not, but a couple of information indicates from a truly fast Google inquiry "Megastat "is a join-in that needs VBA, so it will unconditionally NOT go with XL2008.I found an old developmental (form 9.4 from 2005) and it instituted impeccably on XL2011 and XL2004 when I preferred Tools/Addins and put it in my unite-in post. At any rate some of the capacities seem to work-after I don't have any documentation, I'm not set up to attempt to surmise how to manage some of the wizards.