Friday, 14 December 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II Street view jitter in compass mode?

Hi, I wrecked frustrating Google Street View in compass good software but almost surely you identify, in this mode the direction of the phone controls, what you observe on the display, it is gift a superior 3D know-how than just sliding via touch on the display to adjust the point of view.
I attempt to seem in the unseen test menu via call *#0*# and install and download compass applications which present helping tackle tools to no benefit to me and I can changed orientation in my phone to ensure for lost magnetic pasture property, other than zero new.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available

Root my latest Note II via running Titanium backup as moving from an old handset. After that I want to updates phone software. I get the 'Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available' message.  What to do buddy?????

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Vs Sony Xperia P

Yes Samsung Universe S3 Scaled down could likely be a best decision. Sony Xperia P is quite not worth paying Rs 22490, I know value of S3 Little has not been announced it booooom I conjecture it could be cheaper contrasted with Xperia P. Detail sagacious System S3 Smaller than expected is deserting Xperia P far, I would not joke about this runs last Android OS v4.1 (Jam Bean), it has preferable space limit and has preferred cpu, what else you are searching for??? Yet I don’t think there ought to be any perplexity in that capacity. Go straight distant for S3 Smaller than usual. 

Sony Xperia T vibrator makes a strange noise

My Sony Xperia T vibrator is making a strange noise, there’s surely something wrong with it. I haven’t noticed this thing today, my phone vibrator is making that scratchy noise since I have bought it. My friend is having the same phone and there’s nothing wrong with his piece. Is there anything I can do about it rather than getting the phone checked????

How to unlock Samsung galaxy s screen forgotten password

Attempt doing a hard reset and see if that serves a useful purpose.
Switch off your telephone, take out the electric cell, reinsert it, Keep Volume Down catch, and press and discharge Power bind meanwhile
When you get a menu with Fastbook, Recuperation, Clear Space, and Simlock speedy boot choices than select Clear Space by pressing the Volume Down catch
Notwithstanding Press and discharge the Force catch again and affirm your choice by pressing Volume Up catch. Your telephone will reboot now and it will work toward getting restored to mill state.
I moreover had a desire to include that everything information incorporating third-gathering provisions will work toward getting erased from your telephone. So assuming that you are not having any issue with than then you can run ahead with the above steps.

getting beeps 5 times on start up with Dell inspiron N5110

Your Dell inspiron N5110 start up with 5 beeps its indicates that your Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) battery failure.
Change the coin cell battery of cmos. Then start your Dell inspiron N5110 will start normally. My laptop also gone through this problem I search internet for the solution and get this solution. this solution work for me. when i replace CMOS battery the beeps are gone now my laptop starts normally.

Micromax Funbook tablet freezes on bootloader image

I have an absolutely regretful experience with my Micromax Funbook tablet and their utility focus. There was overheating issue with my Funbook and I had sent it for supplanting. They stated that it will take one month for getting it displaced, nonetheless after a month when I got it back I discovered the same tablet. They had not swapped it, they had essentially displaced the electric storage device and had sent it over to me. It worked fine for a month booooom later same overheating issue began and now it is lying under my work area and I don’t even want to check it. I won’t state that Micromax concocts downtrodden value tablets as some of my companions have purchased same Funbook and it is working out for them like an appeal booooom their utility focuses are simply most exceedingly terrible.

Spice Flo Me M6868n pc suite

I have Spice Flo Me M6868n and I am caring for it is pc suite for entering web from it over my portable computer. I have enacted gprs and my associates stated that I can interface my telephone to my portable computer through usb and access web from my smart phone in the wake of filling certain settings in it is pc suite. On the other hand I am not ready to discover a pc suite for it, I have been scanning for it and have run across locales actually pretending to have it. Is there anybody here who can give me a straight download connection or focus me to a post from where I can download it??? 

how to unbrick nokia n900

Attempt to take after the underneath technique and see if that works:
You ought to above all else verify that the electric cell is charged enough on th telephone.
After that unplug all links and after that turn off the telephone and afterward evacuate electric storage device.
After that associate USB link from N900 to PC and begin flasher on PC
Notwithstanding you need to slide out console and afterward press U bind, and keep it pressed while you connect the electric storage device once again to After that hold up until you see the NOLO screen ("NOKIA") and a little USB image on upper right and afterward flasher on PC might as well distinguish the N900 and do the glimmering

How to set ringtone from a song in Nokia Lumia 710

As using the lumia 800 first even I was looking for the same but after going through windows phone site, I found out that there are no such options avaible to set the song as the ringtones.
Here are some of the reasons only when you can set the song as the ringtone.
1. It only accepts MP3 or WMA formats for setting song as the ringtone.
2. Song should be played less than 40 sec
3. File should not be more then 1 MB
4. Song should not have digital rights management protected
If you have certain things than you can easily set song as the ringtone.

Motorola Droid Business Card Reader application

I have requested the MotoDroid two days before and I trust that I will get it within one week. For the present I'm starting to pursue down requisitions past to it goes to my hand. While hunting down provisions I have perused that there is some sort of a business card bookworm, booooom particulars on where to get it or it is capabilities are not going at. Right away my inquiry is might as well I need staying nearby for the telephone past to I can fulfill whichever genuine commercial center hunts? Are there any distinct alternatives on the aforementioned business card bookworms (OCR)? 

How to disable that stupid ascending ringtone in Samsung focus?

You have to perform following steps.
You have to click on Start button and click on Run, here you have to enter ‘regedit’.
Now search for the following keys.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Audio\Effects\AudioClassFader\2 \
You have to double click on Dword Attack change it to 3000 to 0.
Note: you should backup registry key before you do anything to avoid system instability if you do mistake.

Asus Zenbook UX31E shutdown randomly after upgrading to windows 8

See depending on if you surmise that there is no equipment blame with your portable computer than I will prescribe you to return once again to windows 7 for testing reason. Assuming that your smart phone works fine on windows 7 than you will do all the more troubleshooting for windows 8. Provided that it doesn’t than preferable get your smart phone checked from the Asus aid penny 

virus in Nokia E5

I could state associate your Nokia E5 in the machine and after that reinforcement every last trace of the information from the telephone to your PC. After that you need to start the Nokia PC suite and afterward attempt to start the Programming Updater. Once the updater is started, then attempt to blaze or upgrade your telephone to the most recent firmware form and after that see if the situation inches toward getting determined or not. 

HTC Windows Phone 8X reboots on its own

Hey this has been a normal issue with windows telephone 8 apparatuses like HTC Windows Telephone 8X reboots and Nokia Lumia 920. There are countless individuals who have begun reporting this issue. Nonetheless there hasn’t been a fix for it yet. HTC authorities has not yet answered whatever client whines where as Nokia authorities have stated that they are attentive to the issue and they are chipping away at it. Consistent with Nokia authorities some provision may be root source of this issue. All the more I will propose you to contact HTC, location them the issue you are living out and look at what they need to declare about it.

Asus Zenbook UX31A keyboard key stop working frequently

I am utilizing Asus Zenbook UX31A shape 8 months and I never had any issue with it. Forasmuch as certain days it is console is carrying on strangely. I have perceived that while sorting a portion of the keys such as delete, bolt keys and certain letters doesn’t work. Nonetheless, they work fine after certain backs. It appears as though they quit working for few backs. Can there be an issue with it is console??? I was positive that this issue is not in light of any programming of driver. After your recommendation I have attempted both upgrading and reinstalling console driver booooom I don’t see any upgrade. I don’t remain skeptical about the pivot of those keys as I don’t feel any divergence while tapping them contrasted with different working keys. Assuming that there could have been something the issue with the keys than I could have felt bizarre tapping them. I don’t have much thought about the aforementioned stuffs. I have lecture this issue to some of my associates and they stated that there may be something the matter with beneath checked things. I don’t comprehend what are they called.

iball slide keeps on freezing randomly

My iball slide continues solidifying, it worked fine for a month by now. Something happened with it in a day or two. Inasmuch as yesterday it continues solidifying while doing normal job. It solidifies while going through the pages and generally throughout skimming. The solidifying issue keeps ticking for certain backs just. Is this an indication of equipment fault???? You can point underneath steps for resetting and restoring iball slide:
For resetting iball slide you unequivocally need to Press Reset key (beat-side of the slide)
For restoring your iball slide to mill settings you actually need to head over to Settings > Protection and tap on Industrial facility Information Reset. You could be provoked for a secret key assuming that you may have set it previous. Verify that you are going down your downloaded Applications, Recreations, Wallpaper, Information Card settings, Business design, Message Record and so on as they will inch toward getting eradicated after your iball slide inches toward getting restored.

Aspire One 725 shuts down on video chat

Doesn’t resemble an equipment blame to me. I don’t have any issue in utilizing the netbook for completing different jobs. It actually reboots when I utilize skype for film visit, I can do movie visit for a couple of minutes until my netbook close down suddenly. I can get it working for a considerable length of time in different jobs booooom I don’t comprehend what happens with it while utilizing skype. I have attempted rebooting my netbook a considerable few times and have attempted uninstalling and reinstalling skype a couple of times, booooom no fortunes. I have experienced countless strings where individuals have said comparative issues with their netbook. In the majority of the cases it was because of overheating booooom my case is diverse and is particular to skype.There is no overhauled driver for Aim One 725 webcam on acer locale. They are having drivers for sound, Bluetooth, card bookworm and so forth booooom no webcam drivers. My netbook is running windows 7 64 digit, fill me in regarding whether you run into upgraded webcam driver for it. I have downloaded and commissioned CyberLink YouCam programming. Nonetheless, I am getting the same reaction. Actually in the wake of turning on the webcam for a couple of minutes my netbook close down. Is there whatever possible workaround that I can go for further?? 

MSI CX480 windows 8 driver

I have MSI CX480 note pad and I am running windows 8 on the same. Nonetheless, I am ready to institute windows 8 on it now booooom it appears as though MSI haven’t think of windows 8 drives for MSI CX480 yet. I have attempted shoveling the network booooom no fortunes yet. Is there any individual who has commissioned windows 8 on MSI CX480 with every last trace of the needed drivers or can focus me to a locale shape where I can download it???? Provided that yes then please give me a chance to know, any assistance noticing this could be prized, much obliged ahead of time. 

Nokia Lumia 920 - Error code c101a006 while installing windows app

Fellows is there something wrong going ahead with windows application store??? I have acquired Nokia Lumia 920 yesterday and inasmuch as then I have been attempting to introduce certain provisions from windows application store booooom each time I get Lapse code c101a006. So I unequivocally needed to make it clear if there is something off with the windows application store or there is something wrong in my telephone. Seeing that at what point you are getting the failure inform? There are potential outcomes that there may be something the issue with windows application store server of your district. Notwithstanding, it is for the most part altered within couple of hours, on the off chance that you have crossed that time period then you can go for some essential hang-up shooting like restarting your telephone, clearing history, store and treats.

Sigmatel S90 china mobile PC suite

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