Monday, 26 March 2012

Root Samsung Galaxy Y duo S6102

Hey android, I am having problem with my new Samsung galaxy Y duo… hmm we cannot say that is problem but there is doubt. “I want to root the Samsung galaxy y duo s6102” but how that I don’t know? Please android help me…… quickly...    

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Android phone without screen lag

HEYYY, I want to say concerning five dissimilar Android motorized handsets start with the go Droid, to my present DroidX and Motorola Xoom. The display type of lags for mutually cell product and it is type of maddening. I use iPod and iPhone all at the present and after that, but I actually favor Android. There is no display lag on phones. Is there any fresh handset vacant that does not contain this problem?

Google and Motorola Asked To Give Apple Their Android Development*Secrets!!??

Apple encloses lastly marketing and realized with the intention of their iPhone sock up it immense era and require to take as of a superior protect. After that do something similar to it was their thought and calls it i-OS 6, through maximum fresh skins that build veto intelligence and veto single resolve yet utilize, and then blame a shameful total of cash for it. As remote as I am worried, i-OS is now aged rubbish Mac OS sophisticated for a handset. There isn’t creation something improved; they presently stay modification aged code with garbage and other exterior developers, and then modify the name of it, then file a suit the self who really produced it for rights violation.

Installing Hstr-SGSII V3.0 on HTC HD2

Hey android, please help me for installation hstr-sgsii v 3.0 on my htc hd2 phone…..i am self try it but not understand what to do when and which kernel use for idk. What want to do for that please help me..

Saturday, 10 March 2012

All Opera Mobile/Mini versions: 11 for NOKIA

Problem is raise when we are surfing break means leave the phone for only downloading after 10 minutes you goto surfing that time error comes unauthorized whenever you refresh the page or reload the pages same error raise and for that we want to complete close opera and restart it again... anybody having same problem  please any other solution for this problem or error......        


Hey android, I want to upgrade my htc one to htc one x. I am thinking that it is possible that upgradation.  Because it is so interesting that I can increases future and function of my phone. I am asking this because I was hard same where that why ???

Friday, 9 March 2012

HTC sensation vs. galaxy s 2 vs. HTC amaze?

Hey android, I am looking for three phone for use in my personal use. Tell me the good and understandable different between this three phones HTC sensation, Samsung Galaxy s 2 and HTC amaze?
because i am looking for these phones currently.. please help me