Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Microsoft RDC cannot override a "bad" or unrecognized certificate after upgrade to Lion

I unequivocally observed that my Microsoft's RDC client (Office 2011 for Mac) are no longer fit to manually verify and embrace a "regretful" or unrecognized declaration when interfacing to a server (running straightforwardly on Mac OS X Lion). You'll wind up in an endless circle attempting to "Accept anyway" (running Lion in Norwegian so don't know the excact english expression). Near the finale you will need to prematurely end. This happened when the update to Lion.I have attempted the reciprocity towards a Windows Home Server which has a selfsigned testament (which I trust as it fits in with me).The just method I found to get go this, was to make a rdc profile where it is plainly stated that I trust this unequivocal juncture ("Connect even if support flops"-in the Security tab)

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