Wednesday, 30 May 2012

WhatsApp PLUS v1.51 for android

Here I am releasing new update for Whatsapp:
1st Changelog v1
2nd Changelog v1.1
3rd Changelog v1.2
4th Changelog v1.3
5th Changelog v1.4
Latest  6th Changelog v1.5 ::-> modification of web version and changes in color of header and contacts that was small and minor changes I found in latest update of whatsapp. Nothing is good and bed in latest updates  ..

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Not Able to Root Spice MI-350

J am currently having Spice MI-350 cell phone and wants to change operating system of phone android 2.3.3. Via rooting the phone but I cannot root my phone. I am tried Ginger break software but fail to root the phone... Now finally I give up and want to solution from you android.. Please help me out..

Alcatel 918D

Hello Sir, I am too bored with my Alcatel 918D phone’s OS v2.3.5 Gingerbread and I am wanted to change it but do not know that how to root the phone… Anybody having any solution for it ???         

How to add Google apps and services on HTC T328W 4.0.3 Android phone?

Hi android, I am purchased new HTC t328w phone. Which is having dual sim and android operating system? I am going to use Google application and services but it is not fixed and locked… how can I add them in to my HTC phone?? Please reply me solution…it urgent sir..

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Back of the Asus Transformer TF300 is Loose

 I thought the back of the tablet is very detached and even provided that you do some sort of tries different things with it then the spread might be effortlessly opened up in particular the back blanket they are blatantly simple to be opened up. Separated from that I don’t have any issue with the tablet so just this is the issue with me. I have come here to actually get an affirmation from every one of you. If the same thing happens with every one of you ro not in your tablet i.e. Asus Transformer TF300 to be particular. Or is it true that it is just me who is having the declared situation? I don’t grasp by what method can makers like asus be such feeble in generating apparatuses such that their spreads are so detached and even the edges now and again do turn out? I don’t grasp in what capacity can quite a detached gadget survive in the business sector?

Is Asus Transformer TF300 Capable of 5Ghz Wifi?

 No is the respond in due order regarding your concern be sastisifed with the 2.4 GHz that you are getting with the present wifi association it tries not to have the limit of the 5GHz juncture. Love you even I had tested the same thing with my netgear wifi router which was fit for of 5Ghz wifi but to my amazement I couldn’t even see the 5GHz juncture when I was seeking the wifi catalogue. Then by doing some exploration all over I got to know that the tablet isn’t fit for of 5Ghz Wifi. Sorry to be a bit straight advance in my response but that is all I have got for you.

Landscape mode page turning in kindle 3

The 5 method catch just changes the curson. Different than is there no strategy to basically make them supportive somehow. I make a point not to require annotation. Typically you have the capacity to only skip to the following / past section by method of the 5-way-bind (other side / right in representation mode). In the blink of an eye considering, adjusting the introduction could also create alternate / up switch to be switched or at any rate the right bind is exhibiting upward when introduction updates, and the down catch make be right I make a point not to review different than this has been talked over past to.

when copying music, Asus Transformer TF300T stops responding

This situation regularly happens when you transfer the motion picture straight in your tablet. In a considerable number of cases motion pictures tries not to work legitimately when we transfer it into the unit without changing over. I will propose you to download motion picture converter product, there are numerous converters ready for example imToo, Any motion picture converter, Aggregate movie converter and numerous. Around the time when you change over the film you need to check what determination and what arrange your table will back then after that secret the motion picture as per that. Since you require any more help observing this then give me a chance to know.

GPS not working on CDMA xperia play.

Play store should show your the applications that is compatible with your device right? anyways isnt there any other Cardio app in the play store?

Asus Transformer TF300T screen starts to flicker while playing some games

I could get a kick out of any chance to tell you that this is not you apart from everyone else, challenging this situation. There are moreover a large number of the different users who are having the same issue so this is quite known situation with Asus Transformer TF300T. It is at present known to Asus and for that they will soon discharge newfangled upgrade which will take care of the situation with the gadget.Anyways, by that time, you are able to attempt by doing icy boot or either soft reset and this determination the situation for a time. I am likewise holding up for the discharge of the late upgrade as I am in addition having the same situation with this tablet.

Need extended battery for Nexus One

Preceeding the time when speaking about the expanded electric storage devices it is particularly imperative to have prior experience with how to moderate the electric cell, this is what you ought to take a gander at. In the event that you need to upgrade electric storage device essence then there are a few elements that you ought to keep in your psyche and achieve it subsequently now approaching the first one
1) Direct utilize of requisitions assuming that you are running any provisions widely then it is but evident that it is determined to consume up your electric storage device essence. So guarantee that you compose a moderate utilize of the requisitions truly significant stride to preserve the electric cell existence.
2) Have a check at the base level requisitions peristently through some work boss. There are some provisions which run constantly away from anyone's notice and you aren’t familiar with that. so it is preferable to check it first through some apparatuses or errand supervisor and murder the provisions.
3) Don’t charge the electric storage device at any focus. In the event that yo9u get a level electric cell mark preferable to keep it for charging. In the event that your electric cell has 30-40% essence and assuming that you keep it for charging then it won’t be of any excellent utilize for you resulting from the fact that it will hamper the electric storage device existence. Permit the electric cell to move toward getting used up first then after that charge it. an exceptionally paramount thing to note with a specific end goal, which is to upgrade the electric storage device existence of any telephone.
Separated from these there may be a probability that your electric cell is dead so getting it checked could be a great choice being as how countless a times it happens that our electric cell burns out and we are gotten uninformed of it. so preferable to get it assessed and if the electric cell has kicked the bucket then get it swapped with the newfangled OEM electric cell. So do as what I have expressed here confidently it could be of fabulous assist for you.

Asus Transformer TF300T overclocking

As per me ezoverclock instrument is something greater than enough and there is no require to make utilize of Antutu overclock expert device. You could probably moreover make utilize of some unhindered application CPU Spy that will tell you in case overclokc is animated. It could showcase either animated or dormant. Since you had a desire to play with governors, scale sliders then you ought to strive for Framework Tuner Professional. It has both authorized as well as unlimited form of application.

Battery usage won't show info on how much each app is using in Asus Transformer TF300T

I could prefer to tell you that this item of electric cell mode not appearing is a part of the Android 4.0 and after Asus Transformer TF201 and Asus Transformer TF101 tablets are running on same ICS 4.0, you are encountering this situation. Notwithstanding, i could enjoy you to do an industrial facility reset of your unit then you upgrade the Firmware from .17 to .26, which can tackle the situation for you. Trust that aides you out.

Unable to copy files to Toshiba Excite 10LE from either PC or Mac.

Transferring documents to and from an android tablet might be befuddling to the individuals who are newfangled to the Tablet business. It is as straightforward as connecting your USB thumb drive to your workstation then afterward replicating indexes from it. In the event that your tablet has several USB ports named Accommodate and OTG connect your link to the port named as Host if your Tablet has one and only one port then it will work both as HOST and OTG. I am collecting that you are utilizing Windows Xp, Vista or Windows 7. Now take after the strides beneath and it will help you.Head off to Settings then “Provisions” and after that “Improvement”. Here you need to select the “Prepare USB debugging” choice.Since your tablet has gone with the driver circle then commission the drivers utilizing Compact disc Rom or else download the Android USB driverOnce you have finalized downloading the Android USB drivers concentrate it in one organizer and when that twofold click on the index named “android_winusb.inf” this will commission the android drivers on your machine.Now open the Windows Pilgrim you can see the removable drivers recorded from your tablet. You can duplicate records to and from those drivers.This is it see it was not hard to any detectable degree.

White Screen on Asus Transformer TF300 when playing Dark Meadows

Yes I was in addition confronting same situation with Transformer prime then afterward I have first imagined that situation is with exact diversion but when I have attempted diverse recreations in my tablet around then I get same situation. Now when that I have attempted to spot key on online world and afterward I approach know that I need to select exhibition mode on my tablet. Now when that I have chosen exhibition mode and afterward when I attempted to play event during that timeframe I didn’t get any situation. Since you don’t have prior experience with how to select exhibition mode on your Asus Transformer TF300 tablet then you need to attempt the aforementioned strides. You need to first tap on the right orner in bottom then after that you will see the setting board. On that board you will see the distinctive symbols from which first three symbols is appearance setting symbols. Now you need to tap on the third (symbol with blaze mark) which will set exhibition mode. Now you need to begin any diversion on your tablet then afterward see if same situation happens or not?

Best case for Asus Transformer TF300T

Well I would be able to set up to request the Dark Tan Plaid and accordingly the automotive charger. I in reality required the dark, nonetheless set i would be able to not hold up from now on. Right now to check if this stuff get here in KY before following week. Be that as it may here is my few prescription , so much cases composed explicitly for the ASUS Transformer Cushion 300T TF300. Unique hand strap framework for simpler and safer keeping of the ASUS Transformer Cushion 300T TF300's thin figure. Case transforms to face with several absolutely offbeat review edges. (30, and 60 degrees) Microsuede border for progressed insurance in opposition to scratches and depleting effects. All actually offered the ports open. Legitimate calfskin blanket bezel for a stylish look, and Headed capacity lightweight is detectable. Light-weight, in any case solid attractive snap folio shutting framework.

Caseen Thin Real Calfskin Hand Strap Stand Case (Accurate Pink) for ASUS Transformer Cushion TF300 TF300T

Multi-stand calfskin case for Asus transformer TF300T calfskin case

Caseen Green Plaid (DESIGNO Arrangement w/ Dark Items) Hand Strap Stand Case for ASUS Transformer Cushion 300 TF300 TF300T

Freshest discharge calfskin case for Asus transformer TF300T cowhide case

PU console calfskin case for Asus eee Cushion transformer TF300T

Caseen Dull Tan Plaid (DESIGNO Arrangement w/ Dark Parts) Hand Strap Stand Case for ASUS Transformer Cushion 300 TF300 TF300T

OEM stand cowhide case for Asus transformer TF300T cowhide case

Caseen Thin Certified Cowhide Stand Case (DESIGNO Succession Green) for ASUS Transformer Cushion TF300 TF300T

Asus eee cushion transformer TF300T console cowhide case

Caseen Thin Certified Cowhide Stand Case (DESIGNO Succession Purple) for ASUS Transformer Cushion TF300 TF300T

Production line cost Multi-stand cowhide case for Asus transformer TF300T cowhide case

Caseen Dark Tan Plaid (DESIGNO Sequence w/ Dark Parts) Hand Strap Stand Case for ASUS Transformer Cushion 300 TF300 TF300T

Stand cowhide case for Asus EEE Cushion transformer TF300

HTC One X gaming outstanding or poor?

Now here what I call is an occurrence. I would be able to see something particularly much entertaining and odd your string. initially of all spared me the time to tell you that even I have a HTC One X telephone with me and in addition in my case the same recreations that you have say doesn’t work truly but different than this rest all recreations are going immaculately without a doubt. Now returning to your issue what I was telling is that the amusements that you have specified them have certain issues that are creating your telephone not to get them work respectably. with GTA 3, the issue is that this diversion is as of now not in the least underpinned by this smartphone i.e. HTC One X. you will in fact not recognize any of the HTC One X unit that is as of now being underpinned GTA 3 diversion as subsequently. Then noticing Soulcraft I would just be able to state that the form that you are playing is a BETA preferable you attempt to switch to the first form then after that post out the outcome over here. Beta recreations are some of the time sure to make some issue so its preferable to not dissent about them. notwithstanding finally noticing teeter, give me a chance to remind you that this amusement is totally bothered and right now the artists are themselves quite much befuddled and hectic altering the issue. So all in every last trace of the just thing I could would give just about anything to tell you is that as a substitute for chiding the gadget its preferred that you exploration touch more noticing the diversions and their similarity with HTC One X telephone. Don’t actually essentially rebuke your telephone altogether by actually going for one or a few amusements on it which are themselves irritated and have some of the different situations into them.

Is it possible to use Android on Micromax W900

Yet I am blatantly bolstered up utilizing Windows telephone into my Micromax telephone. I totally would have liked to switch to Android and I additionally attempted doing so number of time but unfortunately flopped the considerable distance. Initially of all spared me the time to tell you that it is quite much plausible to instate Android on a Windows Telephone 6.1 handset. As a matter of fact I even got the strides for doing it but don’t know for some explanation I am getting some blunder while performing the strides. At first I was not getting any true prescription for introducing Android OS into my telephone but then I found certain strides to be performed for the same reason. What I was inferred was to press then after that keep up the volume down, camera key and capacity key out and out at the same time for performing Plant reset or you would be able to likewise state Clean Boot. Then in stride several it proposal to press and keep Volume up, volume down and capacity key for some blazing Utility. Now the thing is that I am ready to do the Manufacturing plant Reset effectively without any inconvenience but then when that when I attempt to keep Volume up + Volume down + capacity scratch, it tells me that it is looking at for a valid picture record then after that according to the direction when I continue with stride 3 for overhauling I get a blunder inform adage “Card work: Peruse retry timeout”. I blatantly make a point not to have any plan what ought to be finished so as to escape this slip. Is there any individual who is familiar with this failure inform and knows anything regarding the further strides? If its not too much trouble assist me out, I am in quite a condition where I possess the whole strides for introducing Android OS but unfortunately I am not conscious of doing blunder I am getting right away. In the event that conceivable you would be able to do one thing, why don’t you attempt these strides into your Micromax W900 and spared me the time to what your versatile demonstrates.

Does Camera Translator App in Android really works

No doubt Speechtrans application is blatantly quite exceptional but I am not certain how terrific it goes with Android telephone rather it works stupendous with iPhone. I do have an iPhone and with that telephone this application runs without hardly lifting a finger. I downloaded this application few months in the past and it never gave me any sort of situation. the most fit part of this application is that it spared me the time to convey with different individuals through fluctuating contrasting dialects. It never founders to help me whenever I recognize it troublesome to impart. In the event that you feel the need to get this requisition you are effectively able to get it from its particular official site. in the event that feasible you attempt to try for this application first and just then strive for something else.

Bluetooth Keyboard for Asus Transformer TF300

There are some of the Logitech Console which is bounty great one and most fit alternative for all tablets which is the best equipped one and it is absolutely much cozy with the Android 3.0 or higher than that. It is having eminent console on top of the defensive case which is gainful for the users. Since you unequivocally look at the keys which are having exceptional space and as per me it is quite much responsive; I have utilized and truly much cozy to utilize it and I was ready to sort quicker on that. Since Motorola were taking up conversation about, probably not too known for its frill, we cannot evade to Logitech. Titan consoles and mice likewise make its gift of interaction and value with a console exceptionally planned for utilization with tablet. Accompanying the line Logitech configurations, this console is flimsy, with particular keys Android capacities (volume control, and so forth.). The top in addition makes it a double method, as on account of Motorola, to give us a support for our tablet with a fantastic review plot. Its cost extends of $ 70, to a limited extent cheaper than Motorola and more minor in size, thing to acknowledge provided that it is stacked on their backs.

Asus Transformer TF300T has poor performance

Since you are utilizing browsers love musical show and chrome for the skimming or downloading reason then you might as well update the program and consider switching to the stock program that could be the perfect decision for you. I could propose you preferable utilize Dolphin program that could be preferable for you, that would be what you might as well be doing. Would you be able to tell me which all provisions is it true that you are running in the tablet such that it is performing so moderate? Verify you finish off un-significant requisitions that are running out of sight, it has a great processor and likewise there shouldn’t be much situation with the memory to any detectable degree.So for once attempt updating the browser and afterward see if there is any sort of distinction or not. in the event that if that tries not to works then attempt to do a cool boot and see if that brings on any sort of improvement or not, an ideal explanation for you in this scenario.

Asus Transformer TF300T Battery Life

Hey fellas I have a desire to know what is the electric storage device essence of this tablet on account of it is an android tablet that would be why I need to know? I have been hearing that android OS is a most gigantic electric storage device sucker so I am chomped agonized over the electric storage device existence of this tablet. accordingly this is the first tablet that I am determined to buy so I will need to guarantee that it is a great one in terms of p0erformance as well as it ought to keep up extended, this is what I need to see in my tablet. anyways I have finished my issue over here you are answer able to me out with the reactions. I am holding up to catch it from you.

Asus Transformer TF300T does not come out from Sleep Mode

All the more I possess the same issue my companion, appears like we both are cruising on the same pontoon. My Asus Transformer TF300T is simply one week old and it began demonstrating to me this conduct from past several days. Then again I didn’t keep entirely every last trace of the day I continued doing some of the different sort of investigation no matter where and how I wind up with the effect. Attempted Freezing booting the tablet a significant number of a times and every last trace of the time I got the same effect of solidifying but now from the previous evening it is coming about into a repulsive and astonishing droid. The most obviously intriguing thing in my case is that I am equipped to boot typically but getting heaps of situation around the same time as the time of close down. And then once the framework goes into the doze mode all things is destroyed, as even now declared above in the title the machine wont wake up alternately it straight accidents.
I was supposed to go for manufacturing plant reset but unpaid to some situation even that wasn’t being conceivable for me but then someone recommended me that I could effectively do a plant reset once I take off my MicroSD card from the tablet but even when the production line reset I won’t equipped to chilly boot the tablet. Over all whatever explanation I go for by and by I arrive up into some alternate hang-up or you are able to in addition declare that I miss the mark to get all items working successfully. Notwithstanding when the industrial facility reset I sorted out the Slumber of passing issue but notwithstanding got up into frosty boot issue. I am not equipped to frosty boot the tablet. Now my issue could be is there any individual who had the same Rest of Expiration issue and equipped to get all things sort out leaving no alternate interchange issue combining the crisp boot. Until then it could be much preferable if even you go for the same production line reset proposal, how about we see if you are fit to get this situation illuminated or you arrive into this biting boot issue.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Is there 16GB Toshiba Excite 10" available?

Toshiba has great notoriety in Laptop and PC planet and now a day they will expand their notoriety in tablet advertise. I know Toshiba is all in all more broad than different mark but they additionally furnish enduring and great value unit. I knew concerning a Toshiba late unit which is Toshiba electrify 10LE. It is fabulous in look and absolutely thin tablet. I am moreover would like to purchase this tablet but just I lost my Samsung universe TAB so my papa cannot permits me to purchase a unique one for few months. Along these lines, I purchase this tablet following few months. It has radiant realistic compability and towering close amusements back. Thus, it is fantastic determination for you. It is ready in special space size like 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.

Unable to copy files to Toshiba Excite 10LE from either PC or Mac.

Transferring records to and from an android tablet might be confounding to the individuals who are brand new to the Tablet business sector. It is as effortless as connecting your USB thumb drive to your machine then afterward replicating records from it. In the event that your tablet has a few USB ports named Accommodate and OTG connect your link to the port marked as Host if your Tablet has one and only one port then it will work both as HOST and OTG. I am collecting that you are utilizing Windows Xp, Vista or Windows 7. Now take after the strides beneath and it will help you.

Run over to Settings then “Requisitions” and after that “Improvement”. Here you need to select the “Empower USB debugging” alternative.

In the event that your tablet has joined the driver plate then institute the drivers utilizing Compact disc Rom or else download the Android USB driver

Once you have finalized downloading the Android USB drivers concentrate it in one envelope and when that twofold click on the document named “android_winusb.inf” this will institute the android drivers on your machine.

Now open the Windows Pilgrim you can see the removable drivers recorded from your tablet. You can duplicate indexes to and from those drivers.

downloading apps from Amazon app Store gives insufficient space on my SD card error on Toshiba Thrive.

Yes I know that the Toshiba Thrive tablet is exceptionally decent and simple to utilize. There are numerous headlines of the Toshiba Thrive tablet and some are positively great. I quite affection this tablet from the day when I obtained it. The fundamental thing I like regarding the Toshiba Thrive tablet is the processor. The design gave in this tab is in addition exceptional as it is having the Nvidia chipset. I likewise have fixed the amazon provision store and I am not encountering any sort of situation in downloading the provisions from the provision store. I don’t think so that the situation is with the SD card. Requisitions cannot be put in the SD card through tablet. Check if you are having enough space in your Toshiba Thrive tablet. Head over to record chief and watch that what amount of space you are having. Since you don’t have enough space in both the situations that is in the tablet as well as in the SD card the requisition should not inch toward getting downloaded.