Sunday, 25 September 2011

N97 mini - "memory full, close some applications and try again" error.

I am purchase nokia n97 last 1 week ago and after week my nokia n97 throw me error “memory full” and “close same application and try again” this was starting whenever I am opening any application like opera or etc.. yet that time any other application not open. what i am to do for solve my problem ??


Anonymous said...

Hey hi friends, I have same problem and for solve that problem. I am simple do following steps...
(1).Move the all data from phone memory to memory card like message, camera images and video etc..
(2).Uninstalled all unnecessary software which are install in phone memory and install all new software only in memory card.
(3).Internet caches clear for all time ..
In sort, my solution is all time make free space of your phone memory..

I am Android said...

This error raise when my phone memory is too low and for that I am try all things but not working therefore I am go to nokia care center and tell him this bug of my nokia n97.