Monday, 19 September 2011

Samsung Focus Power button doesn't work

I woke up and my Samsung Focus' capacity catch quit working. Is there anything I am able to do to settle it? As of this moment, I need to utilize the picture clicker fasten to wake my telephone, and provided that I turn it off it is highly unlikely to walk out on.

Around the time when today, it was astoundingly responsive.

EDIT: Apparently, the picture clicker provision won't unlock the screen. It unequivocally vibrated and nothing happened. Set up to take out the electric storage device, I figure.

EDIT 2: I came around to connecting to the charger, and it demonstrated to me level electric storage device and my Focus rebooted. In any case it won't turn on. I unplugged it again and replugged it, and now it demonstrates to me a huge electric cell symbol.

Every little item is back to standard following I charged it for a touch. Obviously, my telephone demonstrated to me a distorted report of electric cell essence. It had all the earmarks of being practically full at what time it was as a matter of fact "discriminatingly easy." This is not the first time I've had the electric cell meter indicate something that was off; is there a gameplan to alter it?

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Anonymous said...

Cannot speak for the Focus, but had this issue with my Omnia 2 and my wife's Corby. Both Samsung. I'm speaking of the adulterated electric cell charge reporting.

While the issue fathomed for the Omnia 2 by taking out the electric storage device and cleaning the metallic connectors for the electric storage device and the telephone with an ear tissue, for the Corby the situation was a bit profound. I suspect the capacity gathering actually gave up, as the telephone indicated 80% charged whenever it was emptied of capacity fully and put to charge. I haven't attempted a different electric cell, to be legit and she now gets a charge out of her Focus as a substitute

Try not to attempt to charge the telephone when it shows this conduct via USB. Utilize the socket charger it went with. Likewise, uproot the electric storage device and clean the connectors. Perhaps you're lucky as I was.