Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Samsung Transform Ultra General Sound problems

Hi friends, I have one problem with my phone which is related with my sound. This sound problem was rise whenever I am clicking sound enable to swipe keyboard that time my sounds goes dim and same times id goes mute. And for that I am just restart my phone and after that It works perfect...what is that problem please anybody know that problems solution …as soon possible

Samsung Transform Ultra Support turning off phone from lockscreen

Someone know to how to turn off the cell phone from the lock screen? Allocate of new android cell phone are capable to turn it off from lock screen operation the similar version.

Can't update to 2.2.2, Sprint Zone not found

I am having my sprint id with titanium backup. I am frustrating to do the update to 2.2.2 on my handset   but I find only an error and error whenever I am trying to update. Does anybody have the sprint id is look like .apk as well as the sprint zone is look like .apk? I believe the sprint id single is named w_installer.apk but I can’t get it where. Anybody has any idea for that…

Samsung Transform Ultra Camera quality?

I am bearing in mind this handset as an upgrading to my Optimums when it park on hurry.
I am thinking on how fine the camera blond on this fixation. I recognize it’s only 3.2Mpix and VGA in the obverse, but megapixels do not indicate whatever thing to me- I have observe cell phone with 5mpix cameras get superior class pictures than 8mpix ready devices. I recognize Samsung make out how to make an excellence camera feeler when they wish for to. Wonder just how a lot of place they had to slash on this infant, while. Anybody have some attempt they mind to split?

Saturday, 12 November 2011

HTC Vivid : LTE Data while on a call

The explanation behind this is that, as of now, LTE is information-just. Until LTE suppliers start to send Vo-LTE (Voice over LTE. Essentially VoIP, on and LTE lattice), the just way you can occupy the voice stack on your equipment and access information at the same time is provided that you fall back to UMTS, which has unfailingly coordinated both utilities (voice and information) together.Any one else loosing LTE information and droping to hspa while on a call. Happening to both my vivid and skyrocket.

HTC Vivid : At&t is restricting on lte

well on my iphone i was utilizing a unlimited arrangement for $30mon, with this vivid, im charged $30mon for unlimited. im not quite comprehending the distinction here. im trusting its not something evident but the extent that i could probably tell, its the same aid not counting i have 4g alter
i think i get its limiting information serious applications. well tbh, im happy they do that. envision the majority of people doing information serious applications on the arrangement... it will make it moderate and may even collision it. when i head off to the neighborhood subject stop, nobody can scarcely utilize the online world on there telephones create its so abate that a significant number of times it will unequivocally time out. such a variety of folks are utilizing there telephones while theyre holding up in lines that the unit tower cant handle it all.

Google Voice on HTC Vivid

When you get the "Do you still would like to make the modification" hit yes. It expresss it blunders but it does. Since you complete out the set up, then produce a call from a different telephone and it disregard and leave a content you will see it runs over to Google Voice.I unequivocally affirmed and this is what my Vivid does.

Visual Voicemail on HTC Vivid

So we should declare I have a desire to in fact set this thing up for Visual Voicemail. An AT&T Rep that I chatted with declared that it needs Data to Function. So I figure my concern could be could VV Work with Wi-Fi Only or does it need to be associated to the Actual Data Network that I consistently have turned off regarding I could not manage something greater than the $15 idea for data.A excellent unhindered approach to have superficial voicemail is to setup a google voice record.Have it connect to your existing number, and set your telephone up to utilize the voicemail service.Should still role. Your VM could unequivocally be alternate on the grid until you get information utility back, and afterward you'd get the notice. Sort of like when you gain a quick message and have no gathering. You get the memo once you're again in utility.

Screen Shot built in HTC Vivid

Power button first, then tap the home button to get it to snap the screenshot.Hold down the power button, then press Home. Should work. Don't tap the power of course, you'll lock the screen. Don't push Home first, that'll just bring you out.

Loading Non-Market Apps on HTC Vivid

I apprehend Android veterans at present have prior experience with this, but I was ready to stack a requisition and institute it straightforwardly from a homepage without living out the Android or AT&T business sector-and without establishing any unique programming or producing any hacks.The User's Guide from HTC clarifies on page 64: Go to Settings-Applications and check the Unknown Sources checkbox. React Yes to the warning inform. Then I headed off to the homepage and downloaded the apk document. Notices demonstrated the record. I unequivocally tapped on it and reacted to the note about instituting it. A couple of seconds later the project was running.I grasp this makes a point not to location scenarios where someone would like to do some relentless establishing. Be that as it may it does mean that non-business sector applications are not bolted out from being utilized.

Easily TempRoot Your HTC Vivid (Now for Windows & Linux/Mac)

Edited 11/11/11, 12:23 EST - V2 of Windows script - check for superuser.apk already installed
Edited 11/11/11, 14:42 EST - Linux/Mac script
Edited 11/11/11, 15:58 EST - V3 of Windows script - updated method for installing su binary to attempt to address it disappearing. Please let me know if the issue persists! (Linux script should be updated to V3 soon)

Ok, so I think we've gotten this process streamlined enough to make it easy, so I wanted to put together a step-by-step easy temproot for people who are confused. It will run zergRush to root your phone, then install busybox and the superuser app & binaries.

I've tested this on AT&T's Vivid, and it seems to work on the Canadian variant. Also, supposedly, if you're bootloader's unlocked, this should give you permroot.

I take no credit for actually developing most of this, I just packaged it up all nice and neat in an easy to run batch file. Both Windows & Linux/Mac versions are attached.

Thanks to:
Revolutianry for zergRush, ChainsDD/ for SuperUser, stericson for busybox
arunp44, Jimmy273, DooMLoRD, and cyber_pete for some of the right commands
rpendrick for the Linux/Mac version


0. Install HTC Sync on your computer so that you'll have the proper drives

1. Download Windows | Linux/Mac

2. Unzip somewhere on your computer

3. On your phone , enable USB Debugging (Settings > Applications > Development, check USB Debugging) & Unknown Sources (Settings > Applications, check Unkown Sources)

4. Connect your phone to the computer, make sure it's in Charge Only mode

5. Open the unzipped folder, double click RUNME.bat & Follow the prompts

6. Enjoy your root!

If you reboot your phone, just repeat steps 4-6.

Please let me know if you have any problems, questions, or concerns!

DISCLAIMER: I've tested this on my device and it works. However, i provide no guarantees or claim no responsibility for problems it may cause (however unlikely that may be). You know, the usual "please don't blame me for bricks...".

-Occasionally Superuser app won't recognize su binary even though phone has root access
-su binary disappears after a while (V3 attempts to fix this)
-zergRush method unmounts internal phone storage (/sdcard folder). Seems its still accessible from adb shell, and nothing seems wrong, but phone can no longer access it properly

How To Temp Root HTC Vivid

I attempted this out and was equipped to realize temp-root.Actually however I'd post it till someone is ready to decipher perm root. All much appreciated might as well head off to Revolutionary
We could prefer to report the people accesability of the root adventure we utilize in Revolutionary, named zergRush.this nearby root adventure might as well be Android-vast, crosswise over Froyo (2.2) and Gingerbread (2.3). On the other hand, this should not take a shot at Android Honeycomb and up (3.0+).At the same time, we're in addition discharging origin code for this root adventure through our github.
The binary is ready from here: zergRush twofold.The adventure root is good to go here: Revolutionary GitHub.
You will require adb shell to execute this adventure. We require shell consents.
Prod the binary onto /data/local/ and execute the aforementioned charges in a shell:
Code:$ chmod 755 /data/local/zergRush
$ /data/local/zergRush
The coming about yield might as well look something similar to this:
Zerg surge-Android 2.2/2.3 neighborhood root
(C) 2011 Revolutionary. All rights saved.
Parts of code from Gingerbreak, (C) 2010-2011 The Android Exploid Crew.
 Found a GingerBread ! 0x00017118[*] Sending 149 zerglings ...[*] Trying a brand new way ...[*] Sending 149 zerglings ...[*] Trying a revamped way ...[*] Sending 149 zerglings ...[*] Trying a late way ...[*] Sending 149 zerglings ... Zerglings brought on collision (exceptional news): 0x401219c4 0x0054[*] Researching Metabolic Boost ...Speedlings on the go ! 0xafd260a9 0xafd39f9f

Are there any Themes for HTC Vivid,

Could be superb depending on if we would be able to order some post of Sense 3.0 topics we could probably download! I know there are bounty scattered around XDA that I've found. Probably later I'll sit down and in fact attempt and build a record here. Moreover, does any individual know provided that its conceivable to make tradition lockscreen widgets/backgrounds (similar to the climate one that quickens the present climate on the lockscreen)?Just search for sense 3.0 skins in the market and you will find tons of themes. I'm always up for more though.

how to Unlock Code on HTC Vivid

Unit Unlocker expresss they have the unlock code for the Vivid with a 100% certification and they express its perpetual. Is this the same unlock code that we require? Now This is reasonable a SIM unlock code, which will permit the telephone to go with a transporter alternate than the singled out case that sold it. There's likewise a bootloader unlock code that we're supposed to have the capacity to get run from HTC at that will permit us to glimmer pattern programming to the telephone, but as of this moment no one appears to have succeeded in getting that.

the Capacitive Buttons not lighting up on touch on HTC Vivid

Not precisely "New" persay regarding different Devices are beginning to do this besides. Case in point the New Atrix 2 they did the same thing unless it is dull the fasten should Not light until you press on them. So it appears to be a progressing unique thing with in all probability all makers to attempt and recovery electric cell existence without tossing in a Larger Battery.

how is the LoudSpeaker of HTC Vivid

The final HTC Phone I had was the Evo3d and I was not fulfilled with the boisterous speaker. Could any individual with the VIVID regard to enlighten us concerning the uproarious speaker on the VIVID?
Can some one please answer my question ...please
It is safe to say that it is noisy and clear around the same time as a speakerphone call?

It is safe to say that it is noisy and clear while viewing youtube?

It is safe to say that it is noisy and clear at what point playing recreations?

It is safe to say that it is noisy and clear at what point you get a telephone call?

Is it noisy and clear when you get a framework msg... txt, pic, and so on?

what is the speed of Vivid hspa speeds in LA

How is the Vivid hspa speeds in la, im looking to get this telephone but could prefer to know from individuals who exist in the la area region?

Why AT&T users should boycott HTC Vivid

was a boldfaced LIE on the part of Peter Chou, CEO of HTC. Because then, HTC has specifically unlocked bootloaders-attacking transporters when their contenders are giving mechanisms that are essentially completely open. This same mechanism on an additional transporter is unlockable. That pledge has plainly been broken.The equalizer is HTC, not AT&T. Possibly HTC is gutless or lying, either method, its THEIR apparatuses that are not unlocked and not the #1 Android supplier.Don't purchase these units in the event that you need a common Android encounter where you have a decision of firmwares to run. Yet depending on if you decided on to stay stock with a unlockable bootloader, that decision could be YOURS. Would you totally like to give it up?Personally, I am finished purchasing ANY HTC apparatuses until this arrangement updates. This BS is getting OLD.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Katya vs Julia - any advantages?

Hey guys, I am going to discuss here of players Julia and katya.. Currently, I am using Julia player for surfing flash streaming and next looking for katya player for surfing flash. I am just guess that this two player are destroy BBC iPlayers usages from current and new users of players..