Monday, 26 September 2011

Error Code: 0x8004fd2b

I am installed newest means latest update on version of blackberry desktop manager and after that I am getting error that 0x8004fd2b. Whenever I am trying to download using download manager I am getting this type of error. Any have solution for those please tell me

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I am Android said...

Yup dude, I have solution for this problem. Follow my below instruction step by step and I am sure that you get solution.
(1).Your desktop manager of blackberry application close first.
(2).Your blackberry device disconnect from your computer or laptop.
(3).Go to your local disk means C drive and go to document and setting in this username and goto application data and goto research in motion and goto blackberry after that intellisyncronization.
(4).Every things which you r seen in folder delete all.
(5).Start manager and connect your device.