Tuesday, 13 September 2011

How can I transfer Office 2008 to a new computer running OS X 10.7?

I purchased a newfangled Mac Air running Lion. I utilized the setup associate to transfer documents and applications from my existing MB Pro running Snow Leopard.When I open Entourage on the MB Air I get a content idiom an Exchange record has been recognized, and that the Home and Student form won't have the ability to utilize this record. However the adaptation I in reality have is the Standard form.Any thoughts on the best way to alter this? I no longer have my first fix plate or key.

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I am Android said...

I was ready to resolve the issue, however. I wiped the head on the Macbook Air, returning it to the buy state. Then I attempted relocating from a Time Machine auxiliary (the first time, I did a satellite movement utilizing Setup Assistant.).When this second relocation Office 2008 manages typically with all my settings and documents in place. Apparently some glitch happened the same time as the first relocation.