Monday, 19 September 2011

Samsung Focus and YouMail

Do every one of you utilize YouMail? I have for a long time and I like it but I have unfailingly had minor issues with its cooperation with att satellite. Now I have it going with my Focus taking care of voice send, but there are some joining issues which I cannot decipher. So here are some essential concerns:

1. Is there a preferred system or result to voice send taking care of which I try not to have prior experience with but I might as well check out?

2. How do I get the voice send warning to finish up my Focus while utilizing YouMail. At present I get the message which pops up and the quick message, but assuming that I would be able to quip get the voice send counter to work, it could be more classy.

There is a WP7 superficial voicemail requisition called magikmail-download it from the Windows Marketplace. It's a third-gathering provision-not one we at YouMail composed-but the extent that we could probably tell, its absolutely great.

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