Thursday, 12 June 2014

Moto g issue at charging.

Yesterday, I notice that phone get restart automatically in charging time and today also I see that same thing happen with my moto g. what is that?? This is big issues …..

Moto g problem with 3G (H+) data usage occurs frequently

I am using 3G (H+) on Moto G and an unexpected the H+ signal went off. This happens occasionally that signal jumps back in some time routinely to 3g to 2g and 2g to 3g .

Motorola Moto G Proximity Sensor Software Issue

Once upgrading to Android Kitkat 4.4.2, proximity sensor stop to working in voice call in software’s like Viber , Skype, Wechat, hangouts etc.. Nevertheless it’s working in calling mode via sim.

Motorola Moto g occasionally hangs

Hey android, Motorola Moto g occasionally hangs for a three or five seconds anytime & occurred five to seven times in day. It is hang like home screen images and text change into white squares boxes and all menu tabs also the same but same time image is clear and text is same as white squares boxes…