Monday, 19 September 2011

how to Restore Pre-Mango without a pre-mango backup on Samsung Focus

I somehow lost the auxiliary of my premangostate following upgrading to mango. I'm having issues with my mechanism overheating and I ought to send it into AT&T. At the same time doesn't the Mango beta particularly void your warranty? In the event that it does, I ought to return to premango to send it in... what might as well I do? I've attempted every little item. I downloaded a ROM but I don't ability to utilize it!

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Anonymous said...

You should not require the "Samsung WP7 Flash Program" as it is incorporated in the ROM (Samsung-i917-Focus-firmware-UCJK2-ATT-USA.exe).

Institute Samsung Mobile USB Drivers v5.2

Put the telephone in download mode. Verify electric cell is at any rate 80% when you do.

Turn off the telephone

Turn on the telephone, keeping down the Power + Volume UP + Camera binds at the same time.

When the telephone turns on, discharge the capacity catch.

A yellow triangle with a shout stamp and a "download mode” inform ought to show up.

(there are 2 strategies to get out of this mode: glimmer a rom or uproot the electric storage device).

1. Duplicate "Samsung-i917-Focus-firmware-UCJK2-ATT-USA.exe" in a newfangled organizer and run it (Install). Following running you will see these documents:




WP7 Downloader Ver 7.21 for All Device (Publish version).exe

WP7_Downloader_Ver_7.05_for_Retail_Device_(Product _Force_Select_MD5_X).exe

The fhash system you ought to run is

WP7_Downloader_Ver_7.05_for_Retail_Device_(Product _Force_Select_MD5_X).exe

2. Run it and stack in it the indexes in this envelope (click Phone, Eboot, PDA, CSC)

3. Since the port isn't green, separate the telephone from USB and reconnect.

You might as well be exceptional to run with so much.