Monday, 19 September 2011

Unwalshing 1.4 for Samsung Focus

Well, I didn't encounter your present conduct but when I 'unWalshed' my Focus in May, I ran into an issue the same time as the method where my telephone was stayed in a reboot mode for 10 moments. I unplugged, rebooted, and afterward the telephone was fine. I had lost all my applications and the telephone backtracked to plant mode. So I thought I had unWalshed it.On the other hand, yesterday, I appropriated the notificate of the 7932 upgrade and when I endured the overhaul technique, my telephone got stayed following stride 6 of 10-the reboot stride. My telephone was stayed on rebooot with the Samsung logo showed. Then when I capacity down and once more down, the ZUNE client stated that there was a upgrade mistake. Along these lines, my first slant was that possibly my unWalshing was not a victory.

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