Monday, 27 February 2012

Dell Inspiron N5110 Touchpad not working properly

It has been simply a week inasmuch as the day I have acquired the Dell Inspiron N5110 and the situation that I am challenging is that the touchpad of the laptop is not working respectably, I mean that it works fine for in some cases and at a certain time it unequivocally try not to react to the touch and I am quite inching toward getting irritated of the same, I don’t know in case it is a fittings issue or a programming issue but then I feel the need to get it unraveled somehow, is there any individual who can help me with a workaround??


Craig Collier said...

Hey.. I have a similar problem with my N5110, here is how to get aorund it!

Use the FN + F3 button to switch the touch pad off, then again to switch on again.

It fixes it for me every time. I haven't had to do it now for several weeks.

Problem arises from the sensor picking up touch input from around the outside of the touchpad, and not just the pad itself, so I also find that disabling the touchpad when i am typing also helps to prevent this happening... hope that helps. Otherwise, I'm sure you'll agree, a great laptop considering how cheap it is!!

Anonymous said...

Hey it works for me thanks Craig