Wednesday, 31 August 2011

sip setting of C5-03

I have nokia c5 and using c5 I wants to call internet call using c5.i am installing different software for that but I don’t get result. I am thinking that is it possible that we can make internet call through nokia c5.what is SIP setting for my phone nokia c5?

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

S8500XXKF3 (DBT) Available through Kies in Germany

I have overhauled my firmware for the FIRST TIME through Kies !! From XXJL2 to XXKF3 !! no momentous updates but the program works a cycle bit cycle speedier ...... In the German discussion it was stated that the Low Resources situation had been altered .....!!! I upgraded it through Kies to verify I don't ought to overhaul to BADA 2.0.x by Flashing ....

Isilo For Bada Os

Welcome Everyone,I attempted looking the net but might not recognize the iSilo Software for Wave.All my Medical books are in the .pdb arrange and i blatantly require iSilo software.Would any individual plz tell me climate there is a ready iSilo programming for Bada Os

Bada is Dead!

 The way that Andriod telephones get alot of overhauls has nothing to do with samsung, andriod is an open-root venture and in light of that it has a towering infrastructure.The individual that expressed that bada 2.0 could be discharged soon was undoubtedly composing that consistent with unofficial data in light of the fact that we just got an official articulation colloquialism that "Bada 2.0a has been discharged to inward planners" some days back.Since bada 2.0 will have every last trace of the headliners they declare then I consider it worth the holding up

How many Applications do we have for BADA ??

can some one please tell me how many application do we have for our BADA OS 2.0 . any comment s appriciated .

Bada 2.0 for Samsung wave 525 Updated

what is biggest thing you are waiting for in bada 2 and after will it make you proud over Android ? yes that is right it is been released for samsung wave 525 , best of luck .

Samsung App Store Server Down

I haven't been ready to download anything from the samsung application store after I acquired the wave on 10th September.utilizing most cutting edge form kies 1.5.1 & most recent firmware on my wave.Server is for a short time unavailable to fulfill your appeal receivable to upkeep downtime or limit issues.Am I doing something wrong or is the server down for most living breathing souls ?Is the application store for all nations connected ? one centermost server ?

VOIP/SIP Softphone for Samsung Wave

The more I get to know my Samsung Wave the more I've ended up disillusioned and upset by its seem to be hurting for of significant applications, most exceptionally outstanding the unlucky deficiency of an exceptional soft-phone/SIP dialer application that might be utilized in satellite hotspots to unite me to my various friends/family/colleagues on Callcentric's unhindered SIP to SIP lattice. I now need to move both my old Nokia e66 and the Samsung Wave around with me to do my thing.I have looked the Internet high and flat for such applications and have thought of nothing!Does anybody know if this could be corrected with the alleged Bada 2.0 working framework or ought to I attempt to stack an Android working framework on it that will permit me to instate a SIP telephone dialer? Or might as well I actually get the iPhone?Any prescriptions?

List of Bada OS 1.x Bugs - THESE are gone in 2.0

Well, the GPS settle issue unfolds as time marches onward. Commonly the first begin following Master Reset is fine, the almanach documents dont displayed and are reliably stacked via Internet at the outset time.When u don't utilize GPS for some days or you voyage extended remove with GPS not engaged, THEN the issue begins and is getting worse. That would be why I closed we might as well recognize this some days or weeks.

Application on KG6

Following months and months of sitting tight for the first flash of bada 2.0, the beta firmwares have beyond any doubt approached surface. We are able to now delight in the a large number of profits of bada 2.0 and I should state it is a considerable enhancement from bada 1.2. So bravo samsung! anyhow one thing thats on my psyche is the utilize of applications on the beta firmware. Has anybody in fact been fit to utilize any applications on the beta firmware? (im on KG6 at the instant) Ive attempted GPS status and that works unequivocally fine but recreations dont would like to work (for example soil grown foods ninja or finger material science). Is there anything that you are able to do to get the proposed applications working or do we need to hold up till a brand new firmware discharge surfaces?

KIES 2.0.2

Can someone here please give me the direct link to the KIES 2.0.2  as this might help me out in an better way , I have been trying to get this Kies for a long time but I did not get this , the reason that I need this is because the default Kies that I have is not connecting to my pc despite of the several tries and  so I think that the new one would fix my problem / any help appreciated .

How to install First bada 2.0 theme ?

I think this problem is been faced by every new comer so I thought of updating this here , so to install the theme you just need to connect your phone to the computer in KIES mode  and then run the stune version 1.06 and then it might auto connect and go to the browser, while this is on you can see the left column where you can go to the Appex and then user and then theme download . you then just need to drag and drop the theme fiel to right column in the Stune after you have dragged and dropped it you just need to unplug your phone and then go to the setting and then the display of you phone and select the theme option select the recently downloaded theme and then press done  . and theis would change the theme .