Friday, 30 December 2011

Bluetooth problem - Nokia Lumia 800

I now purchase the Nokia Lumia 800 in India and I attempt sending a song, picture or other etc files to another nokia Lumia 800 of my friends.. . But it the entire time response saying "not supported". . I am extremely upset with Bluetooth problem. Anybody please help . . .. .

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Nokia Lumia 800 - Does it use Nokia pc suite?

What is the problem with Nokia lumai 800 yaar, it does not connected and supported by NOKIA PC SUITE??????? I m installed latest version of nokia pc suite file version and still nokia lumai 800 not support the pc suite. Whenever I am try to connect through USB. What is exact problem with it? Anybody know the solution please help me guys

Saturday, 24 December 2011

how do I add an additional email account on my Nokia Lumia?

1. on the homescreen tap the shaft at the top right hand corner of the screen
2. tap settings
3. tap message & records.
4. tap + join a record
5. Tap the sort of record you wish to set up:-
Windows Live-utilize this to arrange a Hotmail, Xbox Live or Messanger record you unequivocally require the message deliver and secret key to design this record
Viewpoint-utilize this to arrange an Exchange record for example a work message record.Orange message-utilize this to arrange an message record you unequivocally require the message deliver and secret key to design this record
Yahoo! Send-utilize this to design a Googlemail record you unequivocally require the message deliver and secret word to design this record.
Google-utilize this to arrange a Googlemail record you unequivocally require the message deliver and watchword to arrange this record.
Alternate record-utilize this for all alternate message records. For the larger piece of the pie of message suppliers you unequivocally require the message location and record watchword.

Nokia Lumia 800 outgoing email server settings

I should set my friendly work message (SMTP) server port number to 587 and reciprocity security to TLS. On the other hand, I could not see an alternative to set either the port number nor the security to TLS. SSL security might be turned on/off, but no notice of TLS.I have perused in another location that setting the server name as <server name> : <port number>
might be utilized (that is, utilizing a colon to split the server name from the port number), but still this tries not to consider selecting TLS security.My incoming message, IMAP, works fine, so my connection/username/password and whatnot. ought to all be fineAny proposals could be valued.

maps and music issues on Nokia Lumia

Welcome fellows. I am having situations with nokia maps and music.
maps application doesnt run whatsoever. So i attempted to uninstall it and afterward institute it again from the business but the application is absent in the commercial center
to begin with of every last trace of the application is quite abate. 2nd the intermingle radio logged off headliner is absent its absolutely impossible can construct a station disconnected from the net. Moreover part of the capacities in the mjx radio are absent. I noticw that for the reason that this is my 2nd lumia on account of i retrun the first one. Then again i had no situations with the blend radio and the mapa ever.
Am i the one and only one? Any results?
Much appreciated

3G not working on Vodafone on Nokia Lumia 800 SIM-Free

Hey,Situations again with Lumia 800.I've spotted that I cannot join to the web utilizing vodafone's 3G union.I attempted putting my sim card into Android Phone-the virtual world works superbly fine.Attempted rebooting, restoring, and whatnot. -nothing serves some useful purpose.Any plans what that might mean?Much appreciated

Nokia Lumia 800 can't see WEP network from N8 Joikuspot

My Lumia 800 cannot see the WEP wifi lattice made by my N8 utilizing Joikuspot.
Numerous (all that I've attempted) different apparatuses see the wifi lattice incorporating several laptops (one windows and one mac os) and my Nokia C6.I've attempted 64bit, 128bit and moreover no security.Is this a situation with my telephone or does the Lumia 800 not back WEP?I've moreover attempted manually including the arrangement on the Lumia just as the SSID were stowed away, but that actually outcomes in the Lumia reporting 'Incorrect secret key'.ANy Prescriptions please?

how to import maps favourites into nokia lumia drive

This is a vast necessity for me and I'm shocked alternate individuals aren't requesting the same.I have a ton of areas in numerous nations which I venture out to via auto. I rely on Nokia Maps and my favourites for the sum total of the aforementioned areas.Now I'm utilizing my Lumia for satnav its frightful to need to manually drop in the area (a large portion of which could not be found utilizing Drive inquiry) each time I have a desire to utilize Drive.Now I get a load of Lumia Drive more nearly, there doesn't give off an impression of being any idea of favourites or recovering areas in there to any detectable degree. Is this right?

Nokia Lumia 800 signal problems?

Is it me or is anyone else acknowledge Lumia 800 dont keep a sign particularly well where i get full bars on my N8 where i exist Lumia just give me 1 or 2 bars where i work N8 give me full to 3/4 bars Lumia give me non to 1 bar possibly 2 bars

Sound problems in Nokia Lumia

Zune with neighborhood music (primary cause of music for me) in addition there is some exasperation (sort of white clamor) when music is off, realise that with bose quietcomfort headphones which totally disconnects every last trace of the din from the outside, quite frustrated thus far...

Ringtone and vibration is too soft in Nokia Lumia 800

After a long wait I actually got the lumia 800 for 2 days.I found that the ringtone volume is too soft and the vibration is not unyielding enough (in adddition with the situation of once begin vibration in incoming call).I trust some redesign can help settle this situations.I am very disappioneted with this as i am an civil engineer and i work mostly in outdoors so i guess i aimed at wrong phone

Installing Meego, Andriod 2.3, Symbian or even Windows Phone 7/8 on Nokia Lumia

Nokia might as well discharge a telephone and open it to any stage, let user to prefer which Operating System to be fixed, and let user to update the Operating System whenever required. Notwithstanding that telephone ought to be compitible with MeeGo, Andriod 2.3, Symbian or even Windows Phone 7/8.Then, this is the future, the destiny is one telephone to introduce all stages!!

is Sync with Ovi (conrtacts, Maps favourites) possible in Nokia Lumia

"The Zune PC product gives you a chance to synchronize your music and films and get overhauls for your Windows Phone.""Contacts, datebook passages and to-dos are adjusted with your Windows Live record via Outlook. In the event that you don't have a Windows Live record, you are able to make one at, or utilizing your telephone. For additional data, see the user manage of your telephone."Every last trace of the above are regulate cites from the not in the slightest degree helpful channel. Since anybody else can furnish more data I could in addition be exceptionally appreciative.

Weird behavior while charging Nokia Lumia

Method it looks to me is that there's either something the matter with the charger and its pumping in additional voltage than the telephone can handle. A flawed USB link with a shielding issue or something is off with the telephone.I'll attempt to verify Nokia is cognizant of this issue for you.Since you are able to please attempt accusing of a distinctive charger, USB link and PC to see what happens.

unable to send group messages in Nokia Lumia

Hey fellas!I was doubting that someone might give some guidance. When I first got the Lumia, the bunch sms role was fine. Anyway now when I attempt to send a bunch sms, it vibrates and peruses: 'Can't send inform Try again'Could anybody tell me why its like that?BTW it doesn't go with bunch message on or of Much appreciated!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Nokia lumia 800 phone update

Basic step to you have follow for update Nokia lumia 800 and this are following:
Step 1-Go to Setting.
Step 2-Go to System.
Step 3-Go to Phone update
(Note: Before updating to your phone your internet is active as per your plan considering your service provider because update processes need internet.)

Can't end a call in lumia 800

Hey friends, I have purchase latest Nokia lumai 800 last 5 days ago and I founds same problem in lumai 800 which is having in nokia 5233 my other cell.
 PROBLEM: wherever I m trying to end the call that time it show response as Ending but still screen is don’t change means it show me that calling screen with call ended pop up and around 1 or 2 min my cell is freeze. That time I can’t do anything with my phone after that 1 min it working like normally. That is flustering to me because this problem is continuous increases whenever I am doing call and ending this problem come..NOW I QUIT I want o know the problem what is this is it software problem or hardware problem..Anybody have any solution for that ..Then please comment here     

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Camera TIPS

Hey friends!!  I have same secrets of nokia lumai 800 and I am sharing here and it is work better compared with default camera setting.
Scenes: Portrait
WB: Auto
Exposure: 0
ISO: Auto
Metering mode: Center Spot

Resetting phone Nokia lumia 800

I want to reset my Nokia lumia 800 phone because I was installed many software which are useless. It is better that remove application one by one. I want to complete empty or erase my all date from phone. Please help me friends..