Monday, 12 September 2011

Best browser for Photon?

Hi guys, I have photon with me and I really love it. I love because of the speed and I am seemed for best browser for it. Currently I am using Opera browser .Opera browser is running fine but some other browser I what to use. Therefore somebody tell me good browser Please..


Anonymous said...

For myself I like Dolphin HD. It have various good features such as bookmarks, I similar to their "speed dial", which is immediately a page of bookmarks, and Exit button. While used for applications on unlike mover. The majority applications will run the similar on a few transporters. The variation will be the applications that need a few type of net connection. I have study Verizon's LTE is appealing quick, several ways in the internet will be a lot faster on VZ then speak at, or run. trust that build brains.

I am Android said...

Opera browser is good browser but when you have slow internet speed then it is good and helpful browser but you have fast internet speed then you can use dolphin,firfox browser.I am personally use opera browser because i have slow internet speed but some disadvantage having in opera is version update.