Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Unable to Sync Facebook Contacts on Motorola Electrify

I bought my telephone yesterday. I am able to not adjust my facebook contacts to my telephone. In the event that they are synchronized the facebook photographs are not appearing in my contact book on the telephone? Any iedas?


Anonymous said...

In any case depending on if you go into your contacts, press the menu catch (four minor squares, to the other side of the home catch), presentation alternatives, there you can set which contact are shown, verify that under your FB record, that you possess the crate checked.

Anonymous said...

I try not to have the Electrify, but I do have a Photon, which is absolutely close. Did you put your FB record in your telephone?

Settings-> records.

Likewise, is it accurate to say that you are utilizing the assembled in FB offers, or the Android Market FB application?

Anonymous said...

motorola must know that this user unsatisfaction

prajo said...

thanks for the information , i really liked it . again thumbs up to your guys

Anonymous said...

hey dude, yesterday i purchased Electrify and today i am used this facebook in my cell. I am thinking that my fb contacts are synchrozine in my cell. And i sees your post and i go and download software from android market after that using that software is make sync. My contact, i like android, thanks