Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Mircosoft Power Point 2011: blank slides in sidebar, slide sorter, and missing objects

For a certain presentation which shows up immaculately fine in PP 2007 on Windows and in PP 2008 on the Mac, I see unadorned slides showing up in the sidebar and the slide sorter see. Nothing I do can compose their substance show up. What's even stranger is that on some of the aforementioned slides, some of the slide protests are intangible until I click on them! Moving to a distinctive slide then after that returning to the derailed slide makes the items concealed again Quite abnormal absolutely pestering. I fundamentally cannot alter the proposed slides in 2011. Serve some useful purpose!


Anonymous said...

Inasmuch as you have access to PPT 2007, attempt "adjust-tripping" the record to HTML and back. That can modify the colors a spot but can moreover repair some structures of defilement. This clarifies how:

HTML "Round-tripping" to repair debasement

Anonymous said...

I think you'll need to look at the various objects on the slide and figure out which one(s) are causing the problem. Some things to check.

1. Linked objects and the path to the object is broken

2. Use of fonts that are not compatible

3. Animations driven by incompatible macros (though you said this works fine on PP 2008 so it's not macros) but still look to see if these slides have animations