Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mango 7.10.7712.60 - Random Crash/Reboots / Sometimes Storage Card

 I am operation Mango 7.10.7712.60 on my HTC. It run completely for a 2 0r 3 of weeks after that I started observe the handset would crash throughout process such as sending an SMS. When it stops working it will restart once a second or two typically it immediately boots back up okay. still from time to time it stop working to boot reporting a Storage Card not running matter display that gives choice of disaster or Turn Off .


I am Android said...

Using internet update your HTC phone Mango. I guess you can rwemove that all bugs

Anonymous said...

hey i am update Mango 7.10.7712.60 to Mango 7.10.7712.68 but problem still going. tell me what want to do