Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mint 12 with Kernel & Gnome 3

Stupefying the OS isn't a regretful thing, so extended as the beast capacity and speed remains. Linux users, in across the board, should uproot this omnipotent God complex and move with the times. Mint 11 is the most fit OS I've ever utilized, but real truth is that, contrasted with Apple and Microsoft's most cutting edge image plan, its slacking a spot. I relocated to Mint on account of Unity doesn't work well on my 27" screen, but Unity is for sure initially sexy and forefront (admitting that its clean might be notably more cleaned).
I like Fedora's interface, but I don't enjoy Fedora.Yes, its a private decision, but I'm an innovative individual and I like enjoyment artistic beauty (and I like boasting to potential changes over).
Update is great. Anyhow, such as I stated, so extended as the capacity and speed remain.

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