Saturday, 12 November 2011

Easily TempRoot Your HTC Vivid (Now for Windows & Linux/Mac)

Edited 11/11/11, 12:23 EST - V2 of Windows script - check for superuser.apk already installed
Edited 11/11/11, 14:42 EST - Linux/Mac script
Edited 11/11/11, 15:58 EST - V3 of Windows script - updated method for installing su binary to attempt to address it disappearing. Please let me know if the issue persists! (Linux script should be updated to V3 soon)

Ok, so I think we've gotten this process streamlined enough to make it easy, so I wanted to put together a step-by-step easy temproot for people who are confused. It will run zergRush to root your phone, then install busybox and the superuser app & binaries.

I've tested this on AT&T's Vivid, and it seems to work on the Canadian variant. Also, supposedly, if you're bootloader's unlocked, this should give you permroot.

I take no credit for actually developing most of this, I just packaged it up all nice and neat in an easy to run batch file. Both Windows & Linux/Mac versions are attached.

Thanks to:
Revolutianry for zergRush, ChainsDD/ for SuperUser, stericson for busybox
arunp44, Jimmy273, DooMLoRD, and cyber_pete for some of the right commands
rpendrick for the Linux/Mac version


0. Install HTC Sync on your computer so that you'll have the proper drives

1. Download Windows | Linux/Mac

2. Unzip somewhere on your computer

3. On your phone , enable USB Debugging (Settings > Applications > Development, check USB Debugging) & Unknown Sources (Settings > Applications, check Unkown Sources)

4. Connect your phone to the computer, make sure it's in Charge Only mode

5. Open the unzipped folder, double click RUNME.bat & Follow the prompts

6. Enjoy your root!

If you reboot your phone, just repeat steps 4-6.

Please let me know if you have any problems, questions, or concerns!

DISCLAIMER: I've tested this on my device and it works. However, i provide no guarantees or claim no responsibility for problems it may cause (however unlikely that may be). You know, the usual "please don't blame me for bricks...".

-Occasionally Superuser app won't recognize su binary even though phone has root access
-su binary disappears after a while (V3 attempts to fix this)
-zergRush method unmounts internal phone storage (/sdcard folder). Seems its still accessible from adb shell, and nothing seems wrong, but phone can no longer access it properly

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