Saturday, 12 November 2011

Why AT&T users should boycott HTC Vivid

was a boldfaced LIE on the part of Peter Chou, CEO of HTC. Because then, HTC has specifically unlocked bootloaders-attacking transporters when their contenders are giving mechanisms that are essentially completely open. This same mechanism on an additional transporter is unlockable. That pledge has plainly been broken.The equalizer is HTC, not AT&T. Possibly HTC is gutless or lying, either method, its THEIR apparatuses that are not unlocked and not the #1 Android supplier.Don't purchase these units in the event that you need a common Android encounter where you have a decision of firmwares to run. Yet depending on if you decided on to stay stock with a unlockable bootloader, that decision could be YOURS. Would you totally like to give it up?Personally, I am finished purchasing ANY HTC apparatuses until this arrangement updates. This BS is getting OLD.

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