Saturday, 12 November 2011

Visual Voicemail on HTC Vivid

So we should declare I have a desire to in fact set this thing up for Visual Voicemail. An AT&T Rep that I chatted with declared that it needs Data to Function. So I figure my concern could be could VV Work with Wi-Fi Only or does it need to be associated to the Actual Data Network that I consistently have turned off regarding I could not manage something greater than the $15 idea for data.A excellent unhindered approach to have superficial voicemail is to setup a google voice record.Have it connect to your existing number, and set your telephone up to utilize the voicemail service.Should still role. Your VM could unequivocally be alternate on the grid until you get information utility back, and afterward you'd get the notice. Sort of like when you gain a quick message and have no gathering. You get the memo once you're again in utility.

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