Wednesday, 9 November 2011

XRDP - Remote Desktop Access for Mint

At last I found XRDP-a server for Linux that permits it to affirm unions from Windows Remote Desktop. Appeared similar to an ideal fit. It was simple to fix, Windows found it instantly and treated it practically the same as any viable remote desktop session, I was thriled. Then I attempted to utilize it.. in the first place issue I ran into on Mint obviously was the "console bug". Whenever you press the D key on the remote machine, it shuts your open window. Took a spot of jabbing around and a touch of testing to identify a fix, but I did spot one on an online presence. To alter the D key issue, actually do the following:Open a Terminal and sort the accompanying:

The entry should have a value of <Super>d - this needs to be I just changed <Super>d to disabled. Reboot your system. This solved the d key issue.This will carry up a decent small gui that permits you to alter the keybindings in little person. Pilot to applications : metacity : global_keybindings and parchment down to recognize show_desktop. Actually I don't need a crux shortcut that minimizes my windows such as that,

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