Tuesday, 18 October 2011

iPhone4S+4G WiMAX still possible? DO READ

AT&T's 3G net is now as quick as the 4G fight, race,etc. 3G net is future slower than AT&T. Once 2010 strike AT&T raise their 3G net where download rate twice measure up to to 2009. 4G net is not 4G up till now, it is a advertising technique because it echo superior. I have observed autonomous corporation examination a 4g Evo vs. an iphone 4 on AT&T by rate examination. And the iPhone slay them. The iphone4 isn't clever to get a right 4g net. Hurry will probably promote a bogus 4G. A high-quality broadband Internet connection now a day is 3.50 Mpbs otherwise so perhaps up to 5. Trust this aid

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