Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Motorola TRIUMPH: Network Signal and Bluetooth drops

My issues are...

1) No bluetooth connectivity to either auto in my home (wife's 2011 Subaru, my 2010 Ford with Sync)

2) Data speeds (most frequently 1X vs 3G)

3) Call value. One moment all is great, the following I'm told I sound as it would be if I'm enduring a tunnel.

3a) Call value speaker...not noisy enough or clear enough. Exceeding all expectations even further, not consitantly clear enough.

4) Very abate GPS bolt (when it works).

5) Very moment light leakage (lowest part other side of screen, about 1/4 in length). I frequently ignore this issue until number 1 and 2 began.

I blatantly similar to the thought of this telephone and would positively like to return it, but I don't recognize what else to do right now without Motorola or VM giving any implications that they are chipping away at it a have a time table for a programming fix/update (one to 2.3 could be magnificent simultaneously).

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