Wednesday, 5 October 2011

How to reset, clear data, clear cache in Motorola Triumph

On different telephones I've utilized, there was an approach to hard reset by keeping a consolidation of fasten when beginning. There's 3 hard catches on this telephone, I've attempted 3 bind combos but nothing. Can someone shed some light?I too have been encountering irregular. The 1st 2 catalogued are fringe bargain breakers, if the aforementioned don't work toward getting resolved within my Best Buy 30day profit period, I will emphatically regard giving back where its due and backpedaling to Target to get the Optimus V.


Anonymous said...

Press and hold the POWER key and both volume keys.

Continue to hold all 3 keys until an exclamation point and a little green andy bot appear.

Press the HOME key to display the menu.

Navigate using the volume keys.

To make selections, use the BACK key.

Anonymous said...

I just tried it and it works, you just have to make sure you press down both

volume keys at the same time and keep them down, press and hold down the

power key afterwards and keep them all pressed until the screen appears. It

takes awhile, you have to wait for the initial Motorola logo.

Anonymous said...

hey android,it is taking too much time for hard reset of phone,you know any other trick for soft reset like