Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Common issues on Motorola Triumph

Situations posted by product form

product form 1010_2_038

-GPS moderate to bolt 2-15 min but precision was quite great within 6-9 feet (see underneath for programming 039)

-GPS set up to 1x , stop GPS and sign dividends, but then indicator founders when GPS utilized again. Since keep on to utilize telephone it reboots or stops.

-Screen flash

-Zoom lens green blob with light grounding when no blaze is utilized

-Movie records easier edges for every sec if not shining outside light

-Zoom lens when taking picture absolutely brilliant zone screen could go all white and stay that way and need to passageway out of picture clicker and retreat into clear.

-Infrequent non responsive screen and back bind even with unequivocally settings menu and no alternate applications running. Should hold up a few seconds without touching anything and attempt again.

-3G juncture erratically falls flat and drops to 1x and in some cases nothing. My 2 girls utilizing Lg Optimus and Samsung Intercept Virgin cellular telephones at that accurate instant will have no indicator issues and even full bars of aid. Radio wire Signal unyieldingness indicates around 10 dBm worse when side by side to alternate VM telephones.

-Due to the radio wire changes the electric storage device works toward getting drained to speedy. Cell standby 60% or more electric cell utilize with leaving telephone untouched.

-Advanced green Light eye flickers for warning when there is no notice and won’t stop until I pull notice bar down numerous times.

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I am Android said...

Oppressed downtrodden electric storage device essence. Consumes 4-5% on IDLE. Will final harshly 20 hours with negligible to no practice.
Oppressed gathering, worse than my old Optimus V. DBM drifts around-110 to-115, while it floated around-99 on the OV. Mean 0-1 bars on the Triumph, normalized 2-4 on the Optimus, same area.
Under Battery >Time Without Signal expresss 99-100% admitting that I still am ready to appropriate calls/texts, and see 0-1 bars
LED here and there still squints when a telephone call ends/checking missed call. Need to pull down Notification bar some times to stop
Android reference work is lost from Stock Android Keyboard (no computerized adjust, no programmed period following twofold space). Need to download an additional console in the Market to trade. Utterly numbskull flop on QA here.
In the event that you set the caution, toggling Airplane Mode On/Off will dispose of the Alarm Time Display on the lockscreen. Alert still engaged, actually doesn't reveal to it on lockscreen.
this one could be separated. Since I accuse the telephone of it turned off/fully emptied, the telephone cannot turn on unless I unplug the USB. The red LED will in addition not switch to green in the event that its charged when the telephone's off. (EDIT: Just acquired a 3rd gathering electric cell and attempted offbeat links, still does it so its unquestionably the telephone)
Back Button off and on again unresponsive