Wednesday, 5 October 2011

MicroSD Card not being recognized in Motorola Electrify

I bought a 32GB PNY MicroSD card from Best Buy. I powered down the telephone, evacuated the back and the electric storage device, embedded the MicroSD card, reinserted the electric cell and powered up. The telephone makes a point not to see the card. I run over to Settings->Storage and under the section"SD card" for "Total Space" and "Available space" it expresss "Unavailable". Both "Mount SD card" and "Format SD card" are greyed out. I've attempted evacuating the card and reinstalling it 3 times with the same consequences. This card was in a better telephone so I know it works (a different Electrify that had situations so I got a trade).

Any brainstorms? I'm grinding away now but when I get home I'm determined to utilize the SD connector and attempt the card in my laptop.


Anonymous said...

If you do format the card with your PC, please format again using your
phone. As you phone will set up partitions that your PC will not.

Anonymous said...

ou will should back your documents up as an arrangement will wipe the card.

I am not exceptionally specialized, but evidently each telephone has its particular "settings"

when it approaches how the SD card is situated up. You will encounter preferable

appearance and fewer situations provided that you utilize your telephone to arrange the card.