Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Unable to copy files to Toshiba Excite 10LE from either PC or Mac.

We had requested the Animate 10 LE (16 GB). It is our first Android based tablet so I was in the process of attempting some things on it. One thing I should do is fit to duplicate documents on the tablet from the PC and to again duplicate the records from my tablet to the PC. There was no documentation furnished with the intention that I would be able to point and do this, it has info about how to auxiliary the information and/on the SD card but that is not what I feel a distinct desire to do. So I am unable to perceive now what to do in this scenario. I connected to the tablet utilizing the supplied USB link and it didn’t move toward getting recognized on the Mac or XP. So am I doing something wrong or is there any contrarily with the apparatus. Being a fresh out of the box new Tablet not having the ability to transfer index is something unsuitable.

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