Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Does Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 supports ext3 or exFAT

At this time I possess a 32 GB Class 10 microSD card and I am utilizing it with my Universe tablet. There were few motion pictures archived in it and they are in h264/aac design which the tablet can play typically. In fact these documents are truly vast, somewhat the size of 4.5gb. The default arrange for my microSD card is FAT32. The situation is, FAT32 makes a point not to receive indexes which are more impressive than 4gb every. It is an impediment. Is there any elective record framework which I could probably utilize to save the aforementioned records in my memory card? I utilize USB connector and PartedMagic / gParted to design the card. From the beginning, I have arranged it to ext3 but it didn’t work. The card didn’t fit to mount whatsoever. When tha I designed it with an exFat. Here moreover the same thing. Is there any viable choice other side for me?

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