Saturday, 12 May 2012

Thumbnail File / Folder is taking nearly 2GB space on Toshiba Thrive3

I suspect that the situation is brought on owed to virus. Your Toshiba Thrive3 tablet could be spoiled with the virus. I recommend you to file for the viruses in your Toshiba Thrive3 tablet. I feel that when you have associated your Toshiba Thrive3 tablet with your machine the virus might have been moreover duplicated from the workstation. Notwithstanding this has the envelope Thumbnail and it is taking about 2GB of space. Attempt to erase it from the tablet. In the event that you are unable to erase the organizer from the tablet then interface your tab with the workstation and after that erase the envelope structure the PC. Viruses approach your tablet when you join it to web or from USB drives. They move toward getting downloaded from with the record which you download. They are absolutely minor in size and are appended with the index. It works toward getting executed when run or open the record you downloaded.

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