Saturday, 4 February 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 unable to sync with Gmail

I'm having issues in getting my contacts from my Gmail record to my unique Lumia 800. I consider bunches of references telling me to head off to '' on my handset nonetheless this just be winds up in a circle . I too have the contacts in vcf organize in spite of the fact that i am unable to consider anything as to importing the aforementioned into my Nokia Lumia. Can anybody serve some useful purpose? It's an amazing telephone thus far, but at long last all around useless depending on if I lack the capacity to get any contacts in there!


Anonymous said...

I don’t have Lumia 800 but this could assist do the emulating

Uproot the Gmail record and it again and attempt to match up it

Now with the Exchange record connect the manually location “" server;

See if this aides

Anonymous said...

The way to go is trough the microsoft mail for exchange settings. Set up an exchange account by tapping the e-mail icon. Then go advanced settings --> type in adress and password --> choose exchange --> With gmail the settings are:

username: "your gmail adress" (the whole thing; this is important)
password: "gmail password"
domain: leave empty

Anonymous said...

thanx to all. It's working. Now i can sync and more