Monday, 27 February 2012

Dell XPS M1530 display brightness reduced after repair

my Dell XPS M1530 is having this situation with the presentation following I have traded it newly unpaid water harm and now when I laptop is on the booting screen its prolonged evenly and when in expand the spendor with 'FN' + up-shaft the shine won’t build to the amplify it utilize to be . it was like 30 % less . done every last item that plausible but unable to tackle this situation . is there anybody here can help me how to take care of this situation should be quite valuing it . kindly gentlemen do answer . is it the bios is the situation


Nikolay said...

i've just installed new screen as well and i'm having the same situation.

Will contact screen seller about that, because even in when i go to BIOS i'm not able to change brightness.

ps. when i was installing the new screen i saw difference between LG and Samsung screen, lg has just one wide socket for display connection, but Samsung had 2!!, and i leave 2d socet without any connection, so probably it may be a reason.

Nikolay said...

If someone interesting in screen difference LG vs Samsung,
you can find that.
I don't know, probably inverter is not compatible with Samsung.. will wait solution from seller