Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Aspire One 725 shuts down on video chat

Doesn’t resemble an equipment blame to me. I don’t have any issue in utilizing the netbook for completing different jobs. It actually reboots when I utilize skype for film visit, I can do movie visit for a couple of minutes until my netbook close down suddenly. I can get it working for a considerable length of time in different jobs booooom I don’t comprehend what happens with it while utilizing skype. I have attempted rebooting my netbook a considerable few times and have attempted uninstalling and reinstalling skype a couple of times, booooom no fortunes. I have experienced countless strings where individuals have said comparative issues with their netbook. In the majority of the cases it was because of overheating booooom my case is diverse and is particular to skype.There is no overhauled driver for Aim One 725 webcam on acer locale. They are having drivers for sound, Bluetooth, card bookworm and so forth booooom no webcam drivers. My netbook is running windows 7 64 digit, fill me in regarding whether you run into upgraded webcam driver for it. I have downloaded and commissioned CyberLink YouCam programming. Nonetheless, I am getting the same reaction. Actually in the wake of turning on the webcam for a couple of minutes my netbook close down. Is there whatever possible workaround that I can go for further?? 

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