Thursday, 12 June 2014

Moto g problem with 3G (H+) data usage occurs frequently

I am using 3G (H+) on Moto G and an unexpected the H+ signal went off. This happens occasionally that signal jumps back in some time routinely to 3g to 2g and 2g to 3g .


Nitesh Bhanushali said...

This is problem of dual sim . if you remove 1 Sim and using phone on single Sim. This problem is automatically solved...

Nitesh Bhanushali said...

first... disable from sim1 or sim 2 which Sim having 3G data not activated.
Second... dial *#*#4636#*#* on dialpaid.
Third... find and click on ''phone information " option.
Forth... scroll down and find and click "GSM only" and see there are many option.
Fifth... find and select "WCDMA only" Sixth... now enable sim 1 or 2 which is disable previously.